Invader Simulator: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the graphics incoherent?
A: We need funding for more architecture, creatures, and robots.

Q: Why are the sound FX bad/missing?
A: Cause I blew the audio budget on that soundtrack.

Q: Why are the animations janky?
A: We're going to replace the player skeleton to allow for body part customization. When we do that, we'll have to re-do the player animations; so we don't want to invest in assets that are going to be replaced.

Q: Wait, are you just a couple of asset flippers?
A: First of all, we prefer the term "Content Acrobat."

Q: Wh—
A: Look, we didn't intend to release it like this and we are planning a massive overhaul. Whenever we get money, new stuff goes in. In the meantime, we have to Cirque-du-Soleil it with these asset packs.

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